Keine Terroranschläge

Kein Kommentar | 19.11.2015 | Gamez, Gesellschaft, Ideologies, Politics |

ohne das irgendwelche Luschen „Killerspiele!“ schreien.


Metal kommt nur bei weißen Amokläufern als Ausrede dran, oder?

Und Apropos, Leute, die keine Ahnung haben:

„An ISIS agent could spell out an attack plan in Super Mario Maker’s coins and share it privately with a friend, or two Call of Duty players could write messages to each other on a wall in a disappearing spray of bullets.“


Genug jifs für heute ^___^


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A new study in the journal Current Biology found children in religious households are significantly less generous than their non-religious peers. At the same time, religious parents were more likely than non-religious ones to consider their children empathetic and sensitive to the plight of others.