Wer bei Apple dachte eigentlich

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das irgendjemand aus sowas schließen kann wie das Wetter wird:

Weiße Icons auf superhellgrauem Hintergrund? Wenn du die Augenzusammenkneifst, kannst du’s vielleicht erkennen!

Was von diesen zwei Zahlenreihen ist die Uhrzeit, was die Temperatur? Denk jedes Mal wieder eine Sekunder drüber nach! (Wär ja zu einfach zu den Gradzahlen einfach ein ° dazu zu machen.)

So ein Quatsch!

Ein weiterer Messenger …

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den es im Auge zu behalten gilt: Brian, äh, ich meine Briar* kann ohne zentralen Server, und lokal auch Internet (dann mit lokalem Wlan oder Blauzahn). Wie in den Kommentaren angemerkt, bleibt das bestimmt auch wieder ein Randphänomen, weil du um Kontakte hinzuzufügen entweder persönlich einen QR-Code scannen must oder irgend son Web-of-Trust-Ding absolvieren. Das alte Sicherheit VS Bequemlichkeits-Ding

*Weiß nich, wie sinnig ich diesen Namen finde.

(Via Heise)

Alpha 35 – „Atmosphere“

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Dear Space Colonists. We have released our monthly update of Imagine Earth. In the next days we will also update the Demo version to the latest state.


  • Atmospheric scattering shader
  • Hover cars add some life to cities
  • More variety for assimilator battles
  • Reworked and extended mission on Bora
  • Outro
  • Temple sacrifice logic changed
  • Loads of detail improvements

Atmospheric Scattering Shader

This release is foremost a beauty and game atmosphere update.

We have implemented a new atmospheric scattering shader that puts every planet into a unique light color situation.

Hover Cars

Hover cars fly through the skyscraper canyons of your cities and show how full districts are. They bring some visual life into the so far empty city districts and the whole colony environment at all

This is only the beginning – we plan to have cars driving to all of the supply buildings as well.

Bora Mission & Assimilator

It got totally reworked to make the end boss more understandable and assailable. The robotic entity is now attackable not only with astroid strikes but also with gaian fire, volcano eruptions from the temple and bombs as well.

The companions are constantly giving you tips how to attack the assimilators.

In addition we put a lot of work into rounding up the storytelling of the mission. Plus there is now a proper outro sequence thanking you for your great efforts to make it this far 😉

Temple Changes

We also had to redesign how temples work. Spells are now available from the beginning as you have to sacrifice anyway to get the construct loaded with gaian energy.

You can now queue sacrifices and load up to four tons of gifts into it that will slowly be turned into gaia one after the other. This makes spells much more accessible and the temples therefor much more use- and powerful.

More Improvements

  • Tutorial now points out the hotkeys and control hint panel that you activate by pressing F1
  • Build shortcuts are working again: Q,W,E,A,D,Y,X,C will directly take you into the several building categories
  • Fixed overlapping button icons in sandbox mode
  • Stoniness will no longer be seen in the navigation view options as it is a thing that is changing the landscape only visually and indirectly influences the fertility of a field.
  • Corals and seegras will no longer burn.
  • You can again save your self-made planets from the sandbox mode.
  • No more sounds looping when game is minimized
  • Merchant was given more importance by letting him sell landing permits and development licenses exclusively
  • Midras: Item and resource availability and food demand have been optimized in their visualization.
  • Illuminati now sell gaian containers
  • Claiming land costs less next to towers
  • Cannons on frontier towers will no longer shoot each other
  • Fixed AI behavior in case of climate change
  • Smart styled mailing list form: http://eepurl.com/3w7iH
  • Mission, info and housing icons reworked
  • Fixed company score calculation
  • Fishing boats float on the surface of the ocean again
  • Editor: special field types can be overwritten again

Polizeistaat G2017

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Wer wie ich auch die Nase voll von „Die ‚Linksterroristen‘ sind genausoböseböse wie Nazis, weil wo ist der Unterschied zwischen einem Auto und einem Asylantenheim“-Rhetorik hat, der oder dem sei nochmal der Logbuch-Netzpolitik zum Thema ans Herz gelegt, wo es – oh Wunder! – so aussieht als hätte unser durchmilitarisierter Freund und Helfer da einiges an Mitschuld and den Krawallen™ (was denen natürlich ZUFÄLLIG total in die Hände spielt, weil jetzt natürlich wieder mehr Rechte und Überwachung etc durchgedrückt werden wird).