Wer immer dachte,

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dass Aussagen wie „Hollywoodkino is US-Propaganda“ zu sehr Verschwörungstherie is: Hier gibt’s ein Buch mit dem er oder sie sich vom Gegenteil überzeugen können (Via Benjanun_S):

Their research reveals the extent to which U.S. intelligence operates within Hollywood — where they were involved in over 800 movies and 1,000 TV shows.

The CIA’s involvement ranges from obvious contenders such as films like “Argo” and “Zero Dark Thirty,” to more surprising media such as “Oprah” and “America’s Got Talent.”

– Telesur TV

White in the Shell

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Hier zum Filmstart nochmal ein schöner Artikel warum die amerikanische GitS-Verfilmung natürlich leicht problematisch ist (wobei ich natürlich niemanden davon abhalten will, sich den reinzuziehen, ich werd’s auch machen). Hier ist nur einer der vielen guten Punkte, die in dem Artikel gemacht werden:

And this is not, by any stretch, entirely Johansson’s fault. In fact, here’s where I would say that she is operating under the illusion of choice; the idea that she consciously chose this for “good reasons,” when the truth is that choice was never really hers. It was one of a limited number of options provided by a racist, sexist system.

The choice was with Paramount, Dreamworks, Amblin, Alliance, and Arad Productions, the producing partners who decided that a Japanese story was certainly popular enough and a solid enough investment to adapt, but then for some reason didn’t think that same Japanese story that was already popular in other mediums would sell enough if it had a Japanese lead. It’s not as if they scoured the planet looking for an Asian actress, couldn’t find one, and eventually landed on Johansson.

EDIT: Jetzt neu auch mit Link zum Artikel -___-