Fairphone/FP2 Karakatukass/bugpugis/GGWp /purasgg Fraud/Scam

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Because the shame of having fallen for it and the resulting lack of information is one huge part of why these things work:

A person calling using the names

Egidijus Lesvin?i?nas (FFS, Worpress: Lesvinciunas?)EDIT: Also bugpugis@gmail.com

Puras GGWp purasgg@gmail.com

is trying to scam people into buying a Fairphone 2 / FP2 (Link 1, Link 2) via PayPal and then not sending anything.

EDIT: Probably same person contacted me again from bugpugis@gmail.com offering to show me phone’s IMEI which is supposedly 357197069764457

Here are some pictures they use:

Pictures (made them smaller for upload) that Puras GGWp / purasgg@gmail.com used, second one is stolen from here.

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