Andere Länder machen’s vor: nochmal Island

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Iceland’s commitment to its program, a decision to push losses on to bondholders instead of taxpayers and the safeguarding of a welfare system that shielded the unemployed from penury helped propel the nation from collapse toward recovery, according to the Washington-based fund.
Iceland refused to protect creditors in its banks, which failed in 2008 after their debts bloated to 10 times the size of the economy. The island’s subsequent decision to shield itself from a capital outflow by restricting currency movements allowed the government to ward off a speculative attack, cauterizing the economy’s hemorrhaging. That helped the authorities focus on supporting households and businesses.
At the same time, bond markets have reflected a lack of confidence in recovery programs, sending debt yields higher and adding to pressure on government finances.

BusinessWeek via fefe (Hervorhebungen von mir)

Echt geil, wie NUR Island das geschnallt zu haben scheint und alle anderen Länder dämlich weiter am Tropf der Spekulanten hängen. Unfassbar.

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  1. j

    das war übrigens nicht illegal, dass island die banken gegen die wand hat fahren lassen. aber bloß keine konsequenzen für die aktuelle südeuropa-krise daraus ziehen.


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