Mona Haydar – Barbarian

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She’s fcking back! Ya.


„– D E C O L O N I Z E — Western standards of beauty currently dominate our world because we still live in the imperial model which continues to colonize and enslave. We resist white supremacy, „western“ superiority and colonized ways of thinking and being by LOVING ourselves, generously, beautifully and joyfully in spite of any active or subliminal efforts to make us feel unworthy of love and life. If drones dropping bombs and a war economy are civilized then we are proudly not that. We are BEAUTIFUL BARBARIANS, selflessly savage and uncivilized. We eat with our hands. We smell like the spices we love to eat. We love the Earth tenderly as part of ourselves, not separate, not a thing to simply profit from. We love our hair, our noses, our skin and our own ways of thinking and being. We take back terms like barbarian, savage and uncivilized and wear them proudly as we honor our ancestors. We serve Creator by living in harmony with our selves recognizing that we are completely interconnected and in a state of interbeing, always. Love – always, Mona“


Should White Authors Write Characters of Colour?

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„It’s probably one of the reasons why writers often write racially ambiguous characters that can’t be traced back to a particular culture or race, but doesn’t necessarily fall into the category of white characters. It’s a way to avoid committing to any research; or to understanding people of colour and their relationship to their racial and cultural backgrounds.“

Adiba Jaigirdar

Das is durchaus was, worüber ich auch schon öfters nachgedacht hab. Damit kann man sich das grade bei Fantasy super leicht machen. „Ach was, mein Pseudo-Asia-Fantasy-Setting is überhaupt nich an ein reales asiatisches Land angelehnt, dh ich darf jetzt alle Klischees auspacken, die mir einfallen.“