Time for Planetary Colonization

Kein Kommentar | 13.11.2013 | Gamez |

Hey guys! Me and Martin just got on Indie DataBase indiedb.com with our enthusiasticly endless indie production „Imagine Earth“ and to celebrate this we are releasing the latest 2 minute game trailer on this platform first. Please enjoy watching and tell us what you think about it…


We are also preparing a demo version that will definitely come with the new year. That time we also want to start a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo.com to raise money for the last period of development which we consider to take nine month. Our Plan is to release Early Alpha and Episodic updates of every finished planet directly after the funding… consider more infos and material appearing on this site in the following days or check by the official project website www.ImagineEarth.info Thanks for your interest!

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