Kein Kommentar | 03.10.2012 | Cinematograph, Tous les Crêpes |

„The zombie apocalypse happened — and we won.“

via 5Filmefreunde

I still think the starting point for this is highly questionable: So, after the zombicalypse they build this high-tech-homes, with ultra-security etc. pp. for how many people? All of humanity? Only for whitey-whitey (like the whole cast)? Even that’s impossible. So what happens to the other 99% of humanity who can’t efford to live in prisonshouses like that? Isn’t that much more interesting? Is this taking place in some rich gated community while zombies are raging in the rest of the world? If not (and also if yes) how are they handling outbrakes that are not taking place in sci-fi-homes? This is epically flawed.

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